A collection of 1.000 NFTs inspired by 10 of the most influential art movements in history, /while highlighting the natural evolution of art throughout history we bring the spotlight on the NFT movement.

Buying an ArTRIBUTE means having an NFT with historic value and amazing art, but that is not it. The Parthenon, also known as ArTRIBUTE’s DAO, is a community built by 50 members with certain requirements that will work together with ArTRIBUTE devs managing the DAO Wallet’s funds in order to generate profit, which will be redistributed among all ArTRIBUTE holders. Additionally, royalties will consist of 5% which will be distributed as follows: 50% to the DAO Wallet and 50% straight to ArTRIBUTE holders. Additionally, ArTRIBUTE holders will have premium privileges on M♾N (that will be specified once the project is fully built) such as free entrance in different events and the possibility to win NFTs without paying the entrance fee.

Having 2 ArTRIBUTEs is one of the requirements to be in the Parthenon in which as a member you will also get the opportunity to win whitelist spots for other projects to mint; additionally holding ArTRIBUTE will give you the opportunity to claim a ticket for premium events held on M♾N.

The date for minting our second batch will be announced through our twitter account.

The mint price for people with a WL spot will be 0.8 Sol, and the price for public mint will be 1 Sol.

As soon as the sale of the second batch happens, ArTRIBUTE will be listed on secondary marketplaces.

An exclusive group of traders and market analyzers that will manage the DAO wallet’s funds together with ArTRIBUTE devs.

5% of each sale in secondary marketplaces will be distributed between the DAO wallet (50%) and ArTRIBUTE holders (50%).

The initial funds of the DAO wallet will come from the 45% of the mint revenues; after our collection is listed, 50% of the royalties will go to the DAO wallet automatically. As the DAO generates profit for holders, they will decide how much of the profit will stay in the DAO wallet for future investments.