We Are Ambitious.

ArTRIBUTE aims to highlight the natural evolution of art throughout history, bringing the spotlight on the NFT movement. Our mission is to build a bridge between traditional art means, and the new digital scenario that is quickly shaping the industry: blockchain technology. Our collection of 1.000 NFTs was inspired by 10 of the most influential art movements in history. Why yellow? Van Gogh defined it as the color of “happiness” and so do we. After selling our first batch, we built our Virtual Gallery V1, exhibiting various paintings from our collection; holded by our investors. With this first step we are focusing on developing innovative features in the metaverse. We strive to support talent in the NFT space, involving art in all of it’s ways: painting, music, photography, 3D modeling, etc. This new perspective brought us to the creation of M♾N, a new platform that we can't wait to tell you more about. It is destined to provide a certain targeted audience with the smoothest process to get into the NFT movement as creators.

As the NFT space evolves, ArTRIBUTE moves with it.